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Kindergarten and First Grade will assess with District Wide Progress Reports each 9 weeks.


3 = Consistent (meets the standard independently and does not require assistance or redirection)

2 = Inconsistent (requires some assistance and redirection to meet the standard)

1 = Needs Improvement (rarely meets the standard independently and requires considerable assistance and redirection)


Second, Third, Fourth, and Fifth Grade will assess

with the following scale:


 A 90-100

B 80-89

C 70-79

D 60-69

      F below 60


Art, Music, and PE will assess

with the following scale:

E  (Excellent) 

S (Satisfactory)

N (Needs Improvement)



Parent/teacher conferences give parents the chance to discuss progress, strengths, and weaknesses, or any problem that may arise. Any parent having a problem concerning his/her child can schedule a conference with the teacher or principal at anytime and is welcome to visit the classroom. Arrangements to do this may be made through the office.



Homework assignments are given to the students with a purpose. Homework is given as a reinforcement activity, to strengthen skills learned in the classroom and to supplement learning activities. Short homework assignments may be given daily Monday through Thursday. Assignments are expected to be turned in to teachers promptly.